Our Gubernatorial Candidate:

Marcus Molinaro, currently the executive of Dutchess County, is committed to ridding New York of its endemic corruption.


He is running on a platform of reduced property taxes , government accountability, civility, and, most importantly, reform of the convoluted New York political system.


Image courtesy of the Lohud Journal News.

Our Comptroller Candidate:

Thomas DiNapoli is running for reelection for NY State Comptroller on a platform of fighting corruption and eliminating waste.


As Comptroller, he has successfully stewarded the state's pension fund, exposed corruption, promoted fiscal integrity, and championed minorities.


Image courtesy of Twitter.

Our Attorney General Candidate:

Nancy B. Sliwa is running on the FIRST statewide all animal rights platform.


She is running for state attorney general because she passionately believes that New York should have the strongest animal protection laws in the nation.


Voting for Nancy B. Sliwa for AG will demonstrate to the Governor and our lawmakers in Albany that protecting animals is of great importance to you and must be a top priority of our state government.

Nancy B. Sliwa, (pictured far right), with Governor Candidate Marcus Molinaro (center) and Reform Party Chairman Curtis Sliwa (left)