Want to reform local government & end pay for play corruption?

Here's your chance 

This Tuesday Sept 12 Vote you can participate in the primary election in which the NEW New York State Reform Party is for the FIRST TIME allowing unaffiliated voters a voice in this process.  Until now you have been classified as blanks, but finally your voice can be heard.  Make REFORM a Reality!


NYC Residents - Vote SAL ALBANESE for Mayor 

Brooklyn Residents - Vote BEN KISSEL for Brooklyn Borough President 

Suffolk County Residents - Vote RAY PERINI for District Attorney

Suffolk County Residents - Vote LAWRENCE ZACARESE for Suffolk County Sheriff 

Nassau County residents - Vote for JOHN MANGELLI for Oyster Bay Town Supervisor

Westchester residents - Vote for GEORGE LATIMER for County Executive

Syracuse residents -  Vote BEN WALSH for Mayor 

Buffalo residents - Vote for MARK SCHROEDER for Mayor 


Polls open tues sept 12 6am-9pm


Reform Party members & voters NOT enrolled in a party are eligible to vote in this years Reform Party Primary for the first time ever in New York! 


Go to your local polling center tomorrow.  Not sure where that is? 

Click below to find out: 

in NYC

outside NYC