That the Reform Party is controlled exclusively by its membership, its agenda set by them and its direction guided by them. This includes having the Reform Party being a model for intra-party democracy.  Out members know what’s best.


That government at all levels (Washington D.C., Albany and City Hall) has become too dominated by special interests, lobbyists, big money and professional politicians and that citizens would be better served by more of an emphasis on citizen legislators. We’re anti lobbyist and pro people.


A more civically engaged and better informed citizenry is necessary for government and for NY’s political parties to function more effectively. We must make Civics education a priority!


The rights and interests of voters should trump the interests of political parties and party bosses.


New York’s ballot access laws are woefully inadequate and undemocratic. Let’s streamline the process to make it easier for regular people to run for office.


Elections and government in general should be administered in a non-partisan rather than bi-partisan manner. Let’s reform the Board of Elections, so that it’s no longer a patronage mill. 


New York’s education system should be a student first agenda, with a curriculum primarily determined by parents, local educators and administrators, with an emphasis on higher standards and life skills, as opposed to a one size fits all approach like Common Core, focused exclusively on standardized testing.


New Yorkers should have the opportunity to vote on whether or not their elected officials should be subject to Term Limits.


To support voter choice and voter empowerment, we strongly support allowing people to make laws for themselves through “Initiative and Referendum”.


Public Authorities like the MTA, the Port Authority, the New York Racing Association, etc. need better oversight, less bureaucracy and greater public awareness into how they make decisions.

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