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Mayoral hopeful Sal Albanese calls de Blasio a ‘limousine liberal’ who doesn’t understand MTA issues

Curtis Sliwa & Frank Morano visited with New York State Reform Party Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese & his campaign advisors for a roundtable sit-down.  They discussed raising his public profile & raising money for his campaign.  In attendance was a diverse cross-section of representatives from all 5 boroughs as well as Sal’s national consultant, Bill Hillsman, who has previously worked for the campaigns of Paul Wellstone, Ralph Nader & Jesse Ventura.  Our Reform Party advice was for Sal to attack the Mayor in the democratic primary from the left because there are so many disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters in the city who feel that de Blasio has sold out on the Progressive agenda.  Plus, if anyone attacks de Blasio from the right they will label that person as being just another Donald Trump.  Our consultation with Sal helped in shaping some of his PR as exemplified below.  There will be more to come.  It was a great meeting in which lifelong democrats showed just how very receptive they can be to the Reform Party message proving what our Party has a bi-partisan message which other parties simply do not. 

New York State Reform Party Chairman CURTIS SLIWA speaks on New York City Mayoral Candidate SAL ALBANESE

New York State Reform Party Candidate SAL ALBANESE discusses run for Mayor of New York City